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My Story

Greetings and welcome to my website!!

My name is Carmen T. Pagán, I am from Puerto Rico but right now I live in California. As a military wife, I am required to move frequently. Moving can affect my job situation greatly and often brings about some instability as I get used to our new station. That’s why I feel that Scentsy has been a blessing in my life.

I started to develop my Scentsy business in September of 2009. I was station in Texas when one of my best friends from Puerto Rico contacted me to share this business opportunity. To be honest, at that time I did not understand what it was all about. It all became clear when I was able to attend a military wives event and saw a Scentsy consultant selling her products. I noticed that her stand was always full of people and many women were buying and in love with the scents. At that moment, I decided to do it. I called my friend and started my business.  

That month, when I started, my mother-in-law became very ill and I had to travel to Puerto Rico to take care of her. I am thankful that I was not working for anybody and had the flexibility to travel. Not only did I spend three months taking care of her, but I also gave emotional support to my husband, who could not travel because of work reasons. That’s when I decided to make my business grow; and in the first 15 days, I totaled $1000 in sales. I was able to obtain clients in the same hospital where my mother-in-law was staying.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law was not able to overcome this medical crisis and after being in the ICU for such a long time, she passed away. That was not an easy experience, but I realized that one of Scentsy’s blessings is that it gives me time to deal with any challenges that might come my way without penalizing me. It also allows me to develop my business wherever I am as long as I am willing to share it with other people. It has no spacial limits.

I would like to tell you that Scentsy has been the reason that has kept me going during hard times. It has made me give my best even when I have felt broken inside. It has allowed me to meet extraordinary human beings who started out as my clients and are now my friends.

I have been blessed with great clients and God has always found ways to make me go back to Scentsy when I have felt the weakest. Thanks to Scentsy, I have been able to expand my business to other states in the United States; I have touched the lives of people that I did not know; and, now that the Scentsy business is in Mexico, I know this will be a great opportunity to create change in their lives...

My motto is Living the joy of giving service. With God by my side, together with my family, my team and my clients, I know I will have many new experiences and many blessings in my life. I would like to wish you great success and offer you my unconditional support. Join my team and you will see that if you do the work, focus, and are consistent, your dreams will become true. God bless you!